VR Porn: Safe Virtual Practice

Google, one of the largest and most influential companies globally, decided to enter the virtual reality market with its headset for smartphones made of cardboard. This is an impressive sign which testifies to the great future of the technology.

In addition, devices such as Zeiss VR One, Dive VR, VRizzmo and any other VR headsets are technically similar to above model – they do not need additional equipment, but they are more convenient to use and have better lenses. All the companies opened to the users a new world of virtual porn with impressive immersion in the process. read more

“Sex tech” – Five Basic Human Feelings

We all know about touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste and how they are important for all of us. Nowadays it’s possible to put on a special costume, connect to a certain device and start some erotic actions. You will be surprised that your body and mind will be in the similar state as in case of real lovemaking. Everything depends on the feature of your high-tech sex gadget and quality of soft. How all this will influence the development of humankind?

Techno Porn: What Will Be the Future of Sexual Relations?

Technology has penetrated into all realms of our lives. They even changed the way we: read more