“Sex tech” – Five Basic Human Feelings

We all know about touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste and how they are important for all of us. Nowadays it’s possible to put on a special costume, connect to a certain device and start some erotic actions. You will be surprised that your body and mind will be in the similar state as in case of real lovemaking. Everything depends on the feature of your high-tech sex gadget and quality of soft. How all this will influence the development of humankind?

Techno Porn: What Will Be the Future of Sexual Relations?

Technology has penetrated into all realms of our lives. They even changed the way we:

  • fall in love,  
  • build relationships,
  • have sex.

Now for dating a personal meeting is not obligatory.  More than a third of meetings occur online. A kiss can be replaced by a combination of colons and asterisks, or you may not bother yourself at all and choose the desired emoji. In the past, there was also phone sex. It was replaced by erotic correspondence in messengers, supported by photos and videos.

Erotic photographs in magazines were replaced full-length films with a plot, development, climax, and denouement. Inflatable dolls are being gradually replaced by more realistic and improved versions. If you follow the development of technology, the romantic relationship with artificial intelligence, as in “Ex Machina”, no longer looks so fantastic.

Sex with Robots

It is the hyper-realistic sex dolls, human-like robots and for adults that will replace phone sex and rubber women. When buying, you can choose the color of the eyes, skin, makeup, and the shape of the ear. The most advanced and expensive model has artificial intelligence and can answer questions, respond to touch, foresee sexual desires.


Immersive technologies provide the full effect of presence. They immerse a person in a virtual environment and allow the viewer to take part in playable scenes. Production studios quickly mastered virtual reality while porn sites opened special sections with VR content and invite users to gain new sexual experience – without actual intercourse.

Empowering the Human Body

Technologies will also allow the body to be “modernized” to enhance aesthetic and erotic pleasure. Suppose that in the less foreseeable future microchips and implants will provide incredible opportunities for people who want to become sexual cyborgs.

Innovations form their own space of sexuality: something between coitus with someone and lovemaking with yourself. “Sex tech” involves five basic human feelings and helps people overcome:

  • physical;
  • emotional;
  • and geographical obstacles.

It would seem that high-tech makes us more closed and detached, but in the end, it is they that can bring us together.

We are a click close to human sex dolls, control and sensory transmission over distances and VR experience. With a slight lag, however, the intimate industry in the USA is moving in the same direction as in the world. And this only means that we are all human. At least for now.

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