Cyber Skin Sex Toys

Most famous brands have their own patented name for this material. Cyberskin is used to make super-realistic sex toys:

  • dildos;
  • vibrators;
  • masturbators, etc.

Why Is It so Popular?

The material quickly adapts to body temperature. If you touch it, you feel that it’s incredibly similar to a human skin, which is a crucial moment in lovemaking. Toys from of this material are more expensive than of budget one. Since they are rather soft, they highly prized by lovers who appreciate tenderness.

  • Pros: super-realistic sensations, attractive appearance, no unpleasant smell;
  • Cons: requires special care, easily deformed, high price.

Healthy Approach

Perhaps one of the most important rules for using any sex toys is to comply with the hygiene requirements. Disinfection of these accessories should be one of the main rules before and after their use!

Cyberskin is the material of the future since it is almost the same in structure with the human skin. But you need to handle it very carefully because it requires special lubrication. Ordinary silicone clogs pores. Keeping a modern sex device (including a high-tech one) clean, is especially important since any dirt is quite difficult to wash off the embossed surface.

What is special care for such items?

  • First, the product should be cleaned with an alcohol-free antibacterial agent, and then put special talc (usually attached). You cannot use baby powder and cosmetic talc!
  • Your “little friends” are compatible only with water-based lubricants.

Sex accessories bring great pleasure to those who use them but make sure you read carefully a manual for them. Indeed, the durability and even the safety of their use depend on the observance of simple rules for keeping in order such accessories. In such a way you will ensure a pleasant pastime and long-term service of your favorite products.

Do not wash any purchased item of Cyberskin with soap in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Tap water may contain some bacteria which can cause infections to the external or internal part of the female/male genitals.

Pay special attention to an anal stimulator. It is advisable to rinse it with boiled warm water since there is practically no chlorine in it. Chlorhexidine can help to finish this process. You must understand that your health is a top priority!

IMPORTANT: You should never give someone your sexual accessory for coitus, because you may get infected with a number of STD. With a new partner, put a condom on it.

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