VR Porn: Safe Virtual Practice

Google, one of the largest and most influential companies globally, decided to enter the virtual reality market with its headset for smartphones made of cardboard. This is an impressive sign which testifies to the great future of the technology.

In addition, devices such as Zeiss VR One, Dive VR, VRizzmo and any other VR headsets are technically similar to above model – they do not need additional equipment, but they are more convenient to use and have better lenses. All the companies opened to the users a new world of virtual porn with impressive immersion in the process. read more

“Sex tech” – Five Basic Human Feelings

We all know about touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste and how they are important for all of us. Nowadays it’s possible to put on a special costume, connect to a certain device and start some erotic actions. You will be surprised that your body and mind will be in the similar state as in case of real lovemaking. Everything depends on the feature of your high-tech sex gadget and quality of soft. How all this will influence the development of humankind?

Techno Porn: What Will Be the Future of Sexual Relations?

Technology has penetrated into all realms of our lives. They even changed the way we: read more

Is Watching VR Porn a Cheating?

Infidelity is a very vague concept. Can flirting be considered a malicious attempt to hurt a special one? What about watching movies for adults or 3d vr anal alone? Flirt in messengers? A romantic dinner in the restaurant with a friend? There are a lot of questions. But considering the popularity of virtual reality porn, let’s discuss this question in the context of betrayal.

Of course, the attitude to this issue depends on such nuances:

  • what kind of relationship you have;
  • how a partner perceives such controversial issues.

In order to not insult your partner, it would be better to discuss the possible scenario with him/her in advance. What actions would be unacceptable in your union, and what would be not worth to pay attention to? Frank talk will help prevent quarrels. read more

Cyber Skin Sex Toys

Most famous brands have their own patented name for this material. Cyberskin is used to make super-realistic sex toys:

  • dildos;
  • vibrators;
  • masturbators, etc.

Why Is It so Popular?

The material quickly adapts to body temperature. If you touch it, you feel that it’s incredibly similar to a human skin, which is a crucial moment in lovemaking. Toys from of this material are more expensive than of budget one. Since they are rather soft, they highly prized by lovers who appreciate tenderness.

  • Pros: super-realistic sensations, attractive appearance, no unpleasant smell;
  • Cons: requires special care, easily deformed, high price.

Healthy Approach

Perhaps one of the most important rules for using any sex toys is to comply with the hygiene requirements. Disinfection of these accessories should be one of the main rules before and after their use! read more

Silicone Love Dolls

A sex doll is an ideal partner who will never fail to help to make true any fantasy. Classic girlfriend or hot chick – the choice is yours. Pay attention to so-called real doll line. Such “toys” are made by the sculptor individually to the wishes of each client. Inside, the item has a high-tech aluminum skeleton, and the outside is covered with silky and realistic silicone skin.

Men like them for three main reasons:

  • First, to satisfy the physiological need;
  • Secondly, take a picture with them and share the photo with friends;
  • Third, role-playing games.

So this is really a great solution in the absence of a sexual partner. For many artificial women successfully replace living people. Modern manufacturers of intimate goods offer a huge variety of options for adults. In this case, the only limit for the choice will be only your imagination. read more